*Chernobyl Light Vol 1 & 2 – Wild Child – Home Play Game*

An intriguing and sometimes challenging entry into the puzzle world – not an online Escape Room by any stretch of the imagination, but an offering that would probably be appreciated by those who enjoy those kind of games, both real-life and virtual. A complex product around a tragic subject… read more here

*Spirit Seekers Ireland: The Clare Abbey – Online Escape Rooms Ireland – Home Play Game*

International travel has been very much off the cards recently, so a virtual trip to a real-life haunted ruined abbey in the beautiful west of Ireland? Yes please! Wait!….wh-what was that? Read more here…

Thanks, animatedimages.org

*The Warp Core Part II (Dungeons of Camelock) – Clue HQ – Home Play Game*

Got a backlog of reviews to post, so apologies for the incoming Spam-a-lot. Let’s start with a bit of Camelock – not imprisoning dromedaries, rather a fun time-travel spin back to the Knights of the Round Table. Read more here

*Underground Murder – Virtual Escaping – Home Play Game*

Escapes On A Train. Well, a virtual train. And you don’t really have to escape, you just have to stop the murderer escaping. And it’s not really the Underground, more the Subway (not the sandwich shop). But, the good news, there is definitely a murder. Possibly not such good news for the victim. Oh, just read the review, here.

*Who Killed Bugsy Marlowe? – Great Scott Escapes – Home Play Game*

The year, 1937. The scene, three clueless dames trapped in a classy hotel with a corpse, a murderer and more clues than a Raymond Chandler hot dream. Enter, our hero (from IT) to save us from a terrible fate…

Read more, here…

*Clue Kingdom – The Panic Room Online – Home Play Game(s)*

Dear reader, a bargain for you today – six reviews in one. Bit of a cheat, but I have rolled up all of The Panic Room Online’s multi-part Clue Kingdom series into one easily digestible word bundle. This fantasy puzzle saga is an excellent long-play option for ….well, read more about it here...

*Unboxing The Mind Of A Cryptic Killer – Eleven Puzzles – Home Play Game*

We’ve played a wide range of online games during lockdown – I promise I’m trying to get more reviews up! This quirky game is definitely worth a look, for lovers of crime dramas, noirish detectives, nautical puzzles and bomb defusal (isn’t that everybody?)

To learn more about this game, read on here…