Ram Raid – Escape Reading – Reading

Reading in Berkshire always sounds like such a genteel place, to me. Not known for smash ‘n’ grab, pocket the dosh, break the bank-type exploits. But that’s the sort of thing Aunty Ant and her team get up to, when I’m not paying attention. Sigh. Next time, I’ll have to make sure I go with them, because it sounds like loads of fun…click here for more.

Sherlock: The Game Is Now – Time Run – London

Lockdown sucks – it’s hard to get motivated writing about fabulous Escape Rooms when it seems like an age before we can play again. So, cheering myself up by reviewing one of our favourite games from earlier this year, when the world was normal.

We love, love, love Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock. So the official Escape Room of the series was a must play. Read more here…

The Secret Hut – Don’t Get Locked In – Bedford

Gimlet. Negroni. Vesper. Aviation. Gibson. Tom Collins. Long Island Iced Tea. Singapore Sling.

Just making plans about what to do with our prize. If you like the sound of these cocktails, and if you just tried to make an anagram with their initial letters, then we have the game for you – click here to find out more.