Escape Room Reviews

Disclaimer:  I am not the Granny of this blog.  Not even a Granny – in fact none of us here are (yet).  I’m not even a panda or an Avenger, although I suppose most people would think that goes without saying.  They (Granny, Panda and the Avenger) do, however, make up part of our enthusiastically amateur escape room team.  Hmm, ‘team’ makes us sound all organised.  We’re really not – more a disparate blob of random people who get together in various combinations and attempt escaping.  Pretty much anyone can come along – why don’t you join us?  You’d be very welcome.  I’m the ‘Anthropomorphic’ of our title, named for my habit of extensive conversation with any inanimate object in the room.  You know, you apologise to one chair for bumping into it and ask if it minds being moved into a corner, and next thing everyone decides you’re some kind of weirdo.  ‘Anthropomorphic’ also great for winding up Game Managers when they try to write your team name on the results board…  Well, that’s me, The Ant for short.  Doesn’t mean I’m tiny and superstrong, probably the direct opposite is true, as I’ll bash my head on any remotely low-hanging shelf/ceiling/chandelier and regularly need help opening jars.  And there’s your disclaimer.  All views are mine and mine alone, and I’ve already told you I’m strange.  So, are we good?  Let’s escape.

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