VX 2.0 – Trapp’d – Kettering

Back from summer holidays with new reviews – this one for the third room at Trapp’d Kettering. Click here for our write-up of VX 2.0 Weapon of Mass Destruction.


Dead Mans Cove – Trapp’d – Kettering

We have now listed the review for the new Kettering venue’s pirate-themed room.

So, if you can forgive Trapp’d for yet another sin against the apostrophe, click here.

Anyone else, you can also click here.


The Bank Heist – Escape Peterborough – Peterborough

For today’s new review click here

Wondering why I have this odd ‘click here’ system on an otherwise blank blog post? It’s not to spam, or increase clicks on the site, I promise. Purely because the exitgames.co.uk round-up links through to blog posts, while I add reviews to actual pages. This means I can index, and also keep pages in a static order *control freak alert*. A more expensive wordpress package would probably allow me to index blog posts, but I’m a cheapskate.