*Chernobyl Light Vol 1 & 2 – Wild Child – Home Play Game*

An intriguing and sometimes challenging entry into the puzzle world – not an online Escape Room by any stretch of the imagination, but an offering that would probably be appreciated by those who enjoy those kind of games, both real-life and virtual. A complex product around a tragic subject… read more here

*Spirit Seekers Ireland: The Clare Abbey – Online Escape Rooms Ireland – Home Play Game*

International travel has been very much off the cards recently, so a virtual trip to a real-life haunted ruined abbey in the beautiful west of Ireland? Yes please! Wait!….wh-what was that? Read more here…

Thanks, animatedimages.org

Our Finest Hour – Escape Hunt – Watford

Our first Real Life Room back after lockdown and we have to defeat the Nazis to save the country from total annihilation. No pressure. Did we use our hiatus to fine-tune our Alan Turing-levels of genius? Or were we “Don’t tell him, Pike” kind of rusty? Find out here…

*The Warp Core Part II (Dungeons of Camelock) – Clue HQ – Home Play Game*

Got a backlog of reviews to post, so apologies for the incoming Spam-a-lot. Let’s start with a bit of Camelock – not imprisoning dromedaries, rather a fun time-travel spin back to the Knights of the Round Table. Read more here