Questionable Ethics – Hounds – Crawley

I know this blog is mainly for kid-friendly Escape Rooms. But sometimes we have to play the non-kid friendly ones too, just as a comparison. It is the professional thing to do. At least, that’s my excuse for our child-free binge at the decidedly grown-up venue of Hounds in Crawley. Nothing to do with the cocktails in Hounds’ Kennel Klub bar. Nope, definitely not.

And it was absolutely worth it, particularly as this game is both really good fun and really not suitable for children. Check out how we got on by reading more here…

Temple Quest – Clue Cracker – Tunbridge Wells

One of our favourite ever games, finally reviewed. Explore the incredible temple, full of traps and mysteries, in the company of cheeky monkey Boris, and feel like a real adventure hero. Read all about it, here...and then go play it, immediately!

Heist – Thinking Outside The Box – Peterborough

Disclaimer 1: this room isn’t really in Peterborough. Whittlesey is a very nice little market town on the outskirts of Peterborough. It just has a very low recognition rate, possibly because they can’t seem to decide whether to spell it Whittlesey or Whittlesea, so it seemed easier to classify it as Peterborough.

Disclaimer 2: the venue isn’t really Thinking Outside The Box, but instead The Old Coffee Tavern, a lovely cafe that hosts board games sessions.

The good news: this is definitely, absolutely, categorically, a heist.

Read about it here…

Gold Rush – Enigma Rooms – Watford

New year, new room (and the usual resolutions to get my reviews written and posted more promptly…).

Not a bad effort this, as we only played in December (yes, 2022, don’t be rude), but a game very worthy of a timely review. To find out how swiftly we tracked down One Tooth Tex’s gold* read more here…

*we actually got the room record, but the venue had only been open two days and it has since been beaten, so we’re not going to boast about it.