*The Sapphire Palace – Palace Games – Home Play Game*

Lockdown Mark 3 has been tough, and I’ve struggled with writer’s block amid faint depression at not being able to get out to play real-life rooms (or, indeed, play at real life). However, this latest of our online home play games did put a smile back on my face and my fingers back on to the keyboard. Check out this gem of game by reading more here… If nothing else, you’ll be discussing tiger-sized cockroaches for a while.

Guardian of the Gallery – Want To Escape – Rushden

GALLERY. Yes, Gallery. Anyone looking for superheroes, this is the wrong place. Anyone looking for a fabulous, immersive, unique 75-minute escape room, full of art, travel, flowers, wine, umm, train instruction manuals … oh yeah, and MAGIC, click here.

The Insiders – Deadlocked – Home Play Game

Remarkably prescient game name, really. I don’t know if, when they began work on their new ‘virtual’ Escape Room, Deadlocked had foreseen a fairly captive audience. But, with the release rushed forward to keep their business afloat during the current difficult times, they have found read more here

The Lost Treasure – The Room – Berlin, Germany

A lure of Escape Rooms is being the star of your own film. Some rooms are a bit B-movie, some are distinctly am-dram. I’d never before played a game quite as Hollywood blockbuster as The Lost Treasure of Alexander von Humboldt. Read on here..

Houdini’s Workshop – Deadlocked – Northampton

Harry Houdini. The Great Houdini, “world famous jailbreaker and Handcuff King”, master of mystery, icon of escapology. Basically, this guy should be the patron saint of Escape Rooms. Enough about him. Want to read about how we got on with being handcuffed, shackled and thrown in a box? Read more here…

Edgar The Explorer – Puzzlescape – Dereham

It is tricky trying to find an Escape Room that will take a team of seven plus a non-playing (non-paying) six year old. Puzzlescape at Dereham has accommodated us before (despite not having the most spacious of rooms) so…read more here

Conspiracist – Want To Escape – Rushden

I became very excited when I heard a new Escape Room venue was opening in Rushden, a small Northamptonshire town ten minutes down the road from us. We’ve pretty much exhausted everywhere else…  read more here (if you dare, before the MIB come after you*).

*Yes, that was just an excuse to include a Chris Hemsworth picture