Temple Quest – Clue Cracker – Tunbridge Wells

One of our favourite ever games, finally reviewed. Explore the incredible temple, full of traps and mysteries, in the company of cheeky monkey Boris, and feel like a real adventure hero. Read all about it, here...and then go play it, immediately!

Gold Rush – Enigma Rooms – Watford

New year, new room (and the usual resolutions to get my reviews written and posted more promptly…).

Not a bad effort this, as we only played in December (yes, 2022, don’t be rude), but a game very worthy of a timely review. To find out how swiftly we tracked down One Tooth Tex’s gold* read more here…

*we actually got the room record, but the venue had only been open two days and it has since been beaten, so we’re not going to boast about it.

Lost Temple of Yumiko – Trapp’d – Northampton

This was a grudge match – Teenage Avenger and his crew went and played this game without me last year, escaping in 58 minutes. So I gathered my own team of intrepid explorers and set off to the perilous badlands of central Northampton to see if we could do any better.

Read how we got on here…

Robin of Lockskey – Escapologic – Nottingham

Cute name, cute game, a fun physical quest for a medieval golden arrow. An amazing venue with enthusiastic staff, incredibly creative sets and unique gameplay. Truly the stuff of legends. Read more about how we got on (can you tell we liked it?) here…