Inbound – Escape Hub – Maidstone

It has been bugging me what this game reminded me of. Have finally worked it out – Kirkgate, a recreation of a Victorian street, in the York Castle Museum, which made a strong impression on me as a kid. I could see this immersive World War II set game providing families with some equally good memories. Read more here…

Our Finest Hour – Escape Hunt – Watford

Our first Real Life Room back after lockdown and we have to defeat the Nazis to save the country from total annihilation. No pressure. Did we use our hiatus to fine-tune our Alan Turing-levels of genius? Or were we “Don’t tell him, Pike” kind of rusty? Find out here…

The Secret Hut – Don’t Get Locked In – Bedford

Gimlet. Negroni. Vesper. Aviation. Gibson. Tom Collins. Long Island Iced Tea. Singapore Sling.

Just making plans about what to do with our prize. If you like the sound of these cocktails, and if you just tried to make an anagram with their initial letters, then we have the game for you – click here to find out more.