Unstoppable – Hourglass Escapes – Peterborough

Escapes on a train, part four. Our journey this time was back to Peterborough to Hourglass Escapes with a bunch of inexperienced teenagers in tow. Not sure who deserves plaudits more – the kids, me for surviving nearly an hour with the kids, or saintly Della from Hourglass who must have despaired over our searching skills… Read all about it here…

*Underground Murder – Virtual Escaping – Home Play Game*

Escapes On A Train. Well, a virtual train. And you don’t really have to escape, you just have to stop the murderer escaping. And it’s not really the Underground, more the Subway (not the sandwich shop). But, the good news, there is definitely a murder. Possibly not such good news for the victim. Oh, just read the review, here.