Unstoppable – Hourglass Escapes – Peterborough

Escapes on a train, part four. Our journey this time was back to Peterborough to Hourglass Escapes with a bunch of inexperienced teenagers in tow. Not sure who deserves plaudits more – the kids, me for surviving nearly an hour with the kids, or saintly Della from Hourglass who must have despaired over our searching skills… Read all about it here…

Sabotage – Escape Milton Keynes – Milton Keynes

So off we popped, not to Milton Keynes exactly, to Wolverton, a Victorian-era new town on the outskirts. Wolverton is described as one of the first railway towns; built to house locomotive works; home of the Royal Train; and the history of the railways is prominent on street frontages all the way up to the frankly quirky escape venue… read more (it’s not all modern British history, I promise).